We operate strictly on growing and producing via natural farm practices, and our goal is to mimic nature as much as possible. This is one reason that we choose to do rotational grazing with all livestock and poultry. We use no chemicals (including pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers).

All of our pasture raised animals will be grass fed and non-GMO - more specifically, we will not use steroids, antibiotics or any other synthetic products on our animals. These animals are raised with a good quality of life and are able to enjoy their time spent on the farm, and do so stress free, enjoying sunshine and the outdoors. Stress can cause a release of hormones in animals, so we work hard to make sure they are in a calm, fulfilling environment. The animals spend a majority of their day roaming the farm, and feeding on non-GMO products.  We do not rush the growth of our animals, and we ensure that they are all natural. We are dedicated to animal welfare every step of the way.