Innovative and Ethical Farming and Processing

At Underground Farmers, our production philosophy is deeply rooted in innovative, ethical, and sustainable practices. Located in the fertile lands of Sparta, Tennessee, our farms and our USDA-inspected processing facility, Underground Processing in Walling, TN, represent the pinnacle of responsible agriculture and food processing.

Natural Farming Methods: A Commitment to Quality

We take pride in our commitment to natural farming methods, which form the bedrock of our production. Emphasizing rotational grazing, our livestock and poultry thrive in an environment that mirrors their natural habitats. This approach not only ensures the health and well-being of our animals but also contributes to the rich, flavorful quality of our products.

Chemical-Free and Non-GMO Approach

In line with our sustainable ethos, we maintain a steadfast commitment to a chemical-free and non-GMO approach. This policy extends across our farming operations, ensuring that our products, from grass-fed meats to fresh produce, are free from harmful pesticides, steroids, and synthetic fertilizers.

Animal Welfare and Stress-Free Environments

Our focus on animal welfare is integral to our production process. We ensure that all animals are raised in stress-free environments, allowing them to grow at a natural pace without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. This ethical approach to animal husbandry is not just a practice; it's a principle that we uphold in every aspect of our work.

Underground Processing: Excellence in Meat and Poultry Processing

Our facility, Underground Processing, is a key component of our production chain. Adhering to stringent USDA standards, we ensure that all meat and poultry products are processed with the utmost care and precision. This facility enables us to maintain control over the quality and safety of our products, from farm to table.

Local, Sustainable, and Community-Focused Production

As a family-owned business, our production is deeply intertwined with the local community in Tennessee. We are committed to supporting local economies and engaging in practices that are not only sustainable but also beneficial to the community. Our involvement in community-supported agriculture (CSA) and local markets is a testament to this commitment.

Join Us in Our Sustainable Production Journey

Explore the world of Underground Farmers, where every product tells a story of sustainable, ethical, and responsible production. We invite you to experience the difference that comes from a farm and processing facility committed to quality, health, and the environment. Join us in our journey of setting new standards in sustainable farming and processing in Tennessee.