Our Story

Sustainable Farming and Family Heritage

Welcome to Underground Farmers, a leading example of sustainable farming and ethical animal husbandry in Sparta, Tennessee. Since our establishment in 2015, we've expanded from a single, ambitious farm to include three flourishing farms and Underground Processing, a USDA-inspected meat and poultry processing facility, located in Walling, TN.

From Humble Beginnings to Agricultural Innovation

Rooted in the rich farming legacy of our late grandfather, Underground Farmers is a testament to eco-friendly farming practices and strong community ties. We are proud to contribute to Tennessee agriculture, offering grass-fed, non-GMO meats and actively supporting local, community-supported agriculture (CSA) initiatives.

Underground Processing: Quality and Integrity from Farm to Table

In 2018, we opened Underground Processing in Walling, TN, enhancing our capacity to provide high-quality, ethically processed meats. This facility is a crucial part of our farm-to-table approach, ensuring our products meet the utmost standards of quality and safety, from our family to yours.

Dedicated to Environmental Stewardship and Animal Welfare

At Underground Farmers, we deeply value sustainable, chemical-free farming. Our animals thrive in a natural, stress-free environment, benefiting from practices like rotational grazing. This philosophy not only improves the wellbeing of our livestock but also ensures we produce superior, healthy food for our community.

Join Our Journey of Sustainable Farming in Tennessee

As Underground Farmers continues to evolve and innovate in sustainable agriculture and ethical meat processing, we warmly invite you to join our journey. Discover the difference of locally-sourced, high-quality, grass-fed meats. We are more than a farm; we are a community devoted to fostering sustainable food systems in Tennessee and beyond.

Visit our farms, explore our sustainable practices, and enjoy the pure, wholesome products from Underground Farmers and Underground Processing – your trusted partners in ethical and sustainable agriculture in Tennessee.