First, let me say that we are grateful and blessed to be receiving the overwhelming support from our community. Our following is getting bigger and we are so thankful that you all have helped us grow, we are only going up from here! 

This is WHY we do what we do. Why do we farm? Why do we offer all natural, non-GMO products? For our customers, and for the animals. We wanted to offer a better alternative to steroid and hormone injected animals, that are processed in all but humane plants. Our animals are raised on a pasture, fed non-GMO feeds, and live as they were intended to. Then, they are processed (humanely) in the only USDA certified processing plant in our area (Underground Slaughter - 

So WHY? For you. for your family. Farm fresh, and straight to your table. Farming is a passion, but so is our costumers. It scares me to think about the harmful things we are feeding our children, and putting in their bodies, so we are doing something about it. We take pride in the raising of our animals, all the way until they reach your table. We hope it shows, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds, because so many good things are to come, STAY TUNED!

Just because… here are some pictures from the farm: 

Chicken Sausage Pasta
A Pasta Spin For Our Chicken Sausage ...
Tis The Season...To Give.
Sharing blessings, local community love, and giving back. ...