It may seem early to be thinking about our Thanksgiving dinner, but getting a good bird is hard to come by. Dare I say it? The early bird gets the worm… see what I did there?

This got me thinking about the turkey dinner I was used to growing up, you know, the typical store bought bread-to-grow-fast birds. What I did know or see was that during it’s life the bird was so breast heavy that it couldn’t mate, run, or sometimes even walk without toppling over (this is due to all of the added hormones). They are raised in deplorable inhuman conditions. This year, over 250 million turkeys will be produced and served to families all over the United States. 250 million! 

While these artificially injected birds may be slightly more budget friendly, think of the difference an all natural pasture raised bird would make at the dinner table (and the turkey).  That’s where local farms come into play! Many farms, like ours, will be offering range free turkeys for the holidays - check them out in the picture. If you follow us on social media, you probably seen the video of our turkeys growing and thriving on the farm! 

We have a few spots left to reserve one of our turkeys, so make sure you contact us ASAP. You can email us at [email protected] to reserve yours! 

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