What a summer so far! We have opened the Underground Slaughter Plant (which is keeping us crazy busy, by the way.. thanks to our faithful customers), started marketing to local vendors, and now we are becoming part of the local farmer’s markets! Most recently, we have went to the farmer’s markets in Sparta, Tennessee and Cookeville, Tennessee. It is amazing to see all of the local farmers who grow 100% of the produce and meat they are selling, just like us! Everyone is so welcoming, and we fit right in! To our surprise and excitement, we sold out the first night! Many were happy that we accept SNAP benefits, and we will also be accepting credit cards. We have special “farmer’s market rates” that you can only get by shopping local at these events. We always like to hear from people who have purchased our products, and the feedback we are receiving from our customers is overwhelmingly awesome, and we hope that all of our blog followers will come try out our products soon, too. 

There are so many vendors at each market, you can skip the long lines at the store completely. From meats, like ours, to fruits, veggies, honey, jam, desserts, and more! It is a family friendly event, so bring the kids and spend the next beautiful Saturday at your local farmer’s market, I can guarantee you that your local farmers and producers would love you to have you. Oh, and make sure you look for us at your local market, we will definitely be at Cookeville’s this weekend, so come check it out. I mean… you can’t miss us, the big red trailer that says Underground Farmers…that’s us!

PS: We are always taking request for farmer’s markets that you would like to see us attend. Go to our facebook page: www.facebook.com/undergroundfarmers or email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you! 

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