Among the many moral benefits of small scale farming, there are many advantages to this growing trend. First, I think it’s important to note the economic advantages of these mini operations, and that starts with local growth. A lot of small scale farmers purchase livestock, equipment and supplies locally, thus helping other small businesses thrive, primarily in rural areas. Modern day expectations promote commercial industries, so in order for small businesses to be successful, it is essential to have loyal customers.


Also, by cutting out franchise costs (and “middle men”), small scale farmers can keep their rates low for their consumers, but before anyone starts complaining about high price farm prices, be sure to remember that most small scale farms are also all natural or organic. These farmers are able to offer high quality product that is USDA approved, so yes, it will cost a little more than commercially produced products. Without mass production, the product is closely monitored, and in my opinion, better regulated.


Small scale farms are also beneficial for the famers themselves, and their crops. Therefore, leaving a positive influence on the land. For example: crops can be rotated so that they can gain benefits from each other according to their cycles (and this promotes the health of the crops!). There is a lot to be gained by learning about sustainable systems, which by the way can only be done in small areas, so that rules out larger scale farming.


If you gained no other information from this post, please remember this: SUPPORT SMALL SCALE FARMING! J

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