A lot of updates are happening at the farm! As we always say, we are an open book, and we always invite our customers to come see the farm for themselves. We have a lot of renovations in the works, and we cannot wait to release all of the details!


 Our latest announcement, first made to our followers on Facebook, is the installment of our new general store! We are so excited to set up our Underground Farmers shop and start selling our natural products to the community. We have had a great response from all over the state of Tennessee and surrounding areas, and we hope to make everyone a lifelong customer. We have also been getting a lot of shipping request, but unfortunately, that isn’t a feature that we are offering… yet.


We have also added turkey pre-orders and whole/half hog orders to our website – check back on our homepage! We have received great responses since we announced that hog processing was coming soon. One customer said “so glad to hear – we were sick of driving all the way to Georgia for our hogs”. Another wrote us thanking us for “bringing the processing market back to Sparta, TN!”. Underground Farmers has already started taking pre-orders, so it’s safe to say everyone better put their deposits down. We are offering whole and half hogs (deposit required) here.


We hope that Underground Farmers becomes a staple here in Tennessee (and all over). We are so excited about the upcoming additions, and we hope you are too! Follow us and keep checking back for updates! 

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