Modern Farming seems to be all the rage. What makes it different than the stereotypical farming everyone envisions? You know the one where animals are piled in cages, fighting for food, sick or worse? ..Just me? That is what a lot of consumers are made to believe is the norm, and that these animals do not live a fulfilling life before their time is up.


Times are a-changing though. Now, I myself am an animal person. I do not believe in hurting animals for fun or raising for slaughter animals in deplorable conditions. With modern farming, it’s quite the opposite.  I call it modern, but what I mean is range free, organic and pasture raised farming. So what’s the difference? Why, I am so glad you asked. If an animal is pasture raised it means that it has derived all their nutrition from grazing on pasture or that they were 100 percent grass fed. This means no-GMO’s for the animal…or the human. Range free – which is super important to me personally – means that the animal gets to enjoy the outside life and freely enjoy roaming around, rather than being confined in an enclosure for 24 hours each day. This is where farming is headed, and if all farmers aren’t following suit, they may get left out to pasture (see what I did there?).


Not only is pasture raised/range free meat better for you (for all of you health conscious readers: grass-fed meats tend to be leaner and therefore lower in calories), it’s also better for the environment. Crazy right? This is also an emotionally better alternative for people who are concerned about animal welfare. Seems like a win win to me. This type of farming exhausts far most costly measures for the farmer (less product due to non-utilization of steroids and other synthetics), so next time you see that grass fed or organic meats are a little more costly, you understand why, and will know that it is definitely worth it – for you and the animals. 

Why eat Non-GMO?
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