Pasture Posts

Welcome to 'Pasture Posts' - Our Farm's Story in Words

Dive into the heart and soul of Underground Farmers through our blog, 'Pasture Posts.' Here, we chronicle the life, work, and passion that fuels our farm in Sparta, Tennessee. From the lush fields to your table, every story is a piece of our journey.

A Glimpse into Farm Life

'Pasture Posts' offers a window into the everyday wonders and challenges of farm life. From the awakening of spring on our lands to the bustling harvest season, our stories bring you closer to the authentic farm experience.

Recipes, Tips, and Sustainable Living

Discover a world of hearty recipes, like Chicken Sausage Pasta or Fried Rabbit, crafted from our farm's produce. Gain insightful tips on sustainable living and learn about the nuances of small-scale farming that make a big impact.

Community, Sustainability, and More

At the core of 'Pasture Posts' is our commitment to community and sustainable farming. We share not just our farming practices but also how we engage with and contribute to our local community, fostering a bond that goes beyond farming.

Join Our Farm's Narrative

Each post in 'Pasture Posts' is an invitation to be part of our story at Underground Farmers. We're not just sharing our experiences; we're inviting you into our world, one post at a time.

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